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Stepping closer to a paperless pension

Jun 5, 2024
From the end of this year (2024) you’ll be able to get some of your paperwork online rather than by post.

The first documents being moved online are:

  • Annual Benefit Statements (ABS) 
  • Summary Funding Statements (SFS)
  • Pension Saving Statements (PSS)
  • Member newsletters
  • ‘Wake-up’ letters – a reminder to start making plans for your retirement, which you’ll get before you’re due to stop work. You may still send you a pre-retirement pack to help you prepare for retirement.
  • P60s
  • Pension increase letters

You may not get all of these documents, it depends on your circumstances. But any you do get will be available online only from the end of 2024, unless you opt-in to keep getting them by post.  

You will also need to go online to tell us you’ve changed your address.  

More documents and processes are expected to follow online. But you may continue to get some by post until then.   

If you do opt-in to paper these documents will still be sent to you by post.  

What do I need to do? 

If you’ve already opted into paper or registered for a myRPS account to get things digitally, then you don’t need to do anything at all. But if you haven’t already made a decision, here’s what you need to do next… 

Go paperless

If you’re happy to get your documents digitally, you don’t need to tell us. But you will need a myRPS account to access them online.  

If you already have an account, you’ll start getting some documents online automatically from the end of 2024. However, you will continue to get things by post until then.  

If you haven’t got an account, you can sign up quickly and easily at This will be the best way to get your paperwork in future. 

Continue with paper

If you want to keep getting things by post, you need to tell us.  

Simply fill in the form on the opt in to paper communications page.  You can also let us know by calling the Helpline.  

You might continue to get communications giving you the chance to opt-in throughout 2024, but you only need to tell us once.

You can opt for paper, even if you have a myRPS account. 

Do nothing

If you don’t register for an online account, and don’t opt into paper, your personal documents will still be sent to you by post. However other items, such as newsletters, will only be available on the member website. 

It’s up to you 

However you choose to get your documents (post or online) it will apply for all of your periods of membership and for any documents that are moved online in future. However, you can change your mind by contacting us at any time.  

In summary, if you have a myRPS account, you will need to tell us you want to opt into paper, otherwise you’ll start getting your documents online from the end of 2024.  

If you do opt into paper then you’ll continue getting your documents by post, even if you have a myRPS account.  

If you don’t have a myRPS account AND you don’t opt into paper, you will get your documents by post. So if you’d prefer to get things online, you’ll need to register for a myRPS account. 

Where will I find my documents online? 

Whether you go paperless or not, you can find all your personal pension paperwork in the ‘my library’ section of your secure myRPS account.

Current Annual Benefit Statements will be in the ‘view statements’ section.  

In future, pension increase letters will also be available in your myRPS account. 

Newsletters can be found on the newsletters page without logging in.  

Why is this change happening?

Members have told us that they want to get less paper and prefer to do more online. 

This move towards a paperless pension is a direct response to that. It will help to reduce your carbon footprint by significantly reducing the amount of paper you get. And it will make it quicker and easier for you to manage your pension and find your documents, all in one place.

It will also help to reduce the Scheme’s environmental impact.

You do still have a choice though, and you can continue to get things by post if you want to.

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