Your nominations

You must complete a Nomination form so that the Trustee knows who you'd like to get a lump sum if you die before you claim your IWDC benefits (or within five years of taking them). 

Who can nominate?

  • Members who are currently paying into the IWDC Section
  • Members with benefits in the IWDC Section that they’ve not yet taken.

Why nominate?

If you don’t nominate,  the lump-sum payment might be delayed and cause unnecessary stress to those who matter to you. Even if you have nominated in the past, it's a good idea to check your nominations regularly and keep them up to date.

Who can I nominate?

  You can nominate: 

  • An individual or several people
  • Charities
  • Good causes or organisations

How do I nominate?

It’s easy – just log in to myRPS.  Select ‘My nominations’ and follow the simple steps. It will only take a few minutes.  If you haven't got a myRPS account, you can register now

You can also download the Nomination form, print off and complete, and return to Railpen at the address on the form.