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A new way to report a death

Jun 21, 2024
Thinking about what will happen when you die is difficult, but it's important to consider things when it comes to your pension. If something does happen to you, we've now made it easier for your loved ones to tell us.

Now your loved ones or appointed person can submit an online form to us to report your death.

Go to the Reporting the death of an RPS member page

Go to the reporting the death of an RPS member page to read about the new online process. Here we've outlined the full process as well as the information that is needed, and what will happen once your appointed person has notified us. Then, they can access the form by clicking the 'Submit online' button:

Using the new online form

It's important that we are given as much information as possible to help us find your details and contact anyone who may benefit from your pension. The information we need is your:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • date of death

Providing your Pension Reference Number and National Insurance Number (NI) is also really helpful for us to find your information more quickly.

If they have copies of the death certificate and will, they can also attach them via the new form. These will help us to process everything much quicker. Your appointed person can also send us scanned copies or images of these documents, so they don't have to send us the official copies.

Reporting a death from overseas

It's important that we receive a certified English translation of death certificate and will documents - this is something that may involve a solicitor. Alternatively, there are translation services available online, however there may be a charge.

What happens once the form has been submitted

Once the form has been completed and submitted, the appointed person will be taken to a confirmation page and given a reference number. They will also receive an email confirmation to the inbox of the email address they provided to us.

We'll then be in touch with them as soon as we can. We will aim to respond within two weeks, however this may take longer during busy periods.

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