Protect your pension from scammers 


The last year has been uncertain and difficult for many members.

We appreciate that some of you may be concerned about your benefits and even considering accessing them early or through Pensions Freedoms. A transfer out of the Scheme is a really big decision and you need to make sure you have all of the right information to be absolutely clear on the benefits you would be giving up. 

We are aware of a few Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and other pension platforms that are currently actively promoting in this space. We urge you to be extra vigilant in the current climate. 

Pension scams or inappropriate transfers out of the Scheme are not uncommon. As you near retirement, you may be contacted by a fraudster or tempted to ask about a transfer because of online promotional content you have seen encouraging you to 'unlock' your retirement benefits. 

You may be promised guaranteed investment returns or early access to your benefits, as an example. You may also be tempted to access your benefits and are considering contacting an IFA. A transfer can be right for some people, but for most it isn't so please do your homework and don't be rushed into a decision. 

We urge all members to think very carefully before responding to enquiries or campaigns, and to take financial advice from a trusted provider where appropriate. Always remember:

  • Cold calls and unsolicited texts or emails relating to pensions are illegal
  • Always check to see if an adviser is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Think very carefully before you enquire about a transfer, as it does mean giving up a guaranteed income for life in retirement 

We are here if you have any questions and in the coming months we will be adding additional web content to support you. You can also use MoneyHelper if you need further support.