Our new Trustee Chair

Jul 14, 2022
Welcome to the new Trustee Chair of the Railways Pension Scheme.

In April this year, we let you know that Chris Hannon, the Trustee Chair of the Railways Pension Scheme would be retiring at the end of his current term of office on 6 July 2022. We would like to thank Chris for his years of dedicated service to the Scheme and its members. 

We are now delighted to have appointed Christine Kernoghan as your new Trustee Chair.

Christine has worked in railways for nearly 40 years. She has held roles in Project Management, HR, Engineering, and Operations, and is a former Head of Financial Services at South Western Railway (SWR) Limited. She has a good all-round understanding of the pressures on businesses in the rail industry and of what is important to Scheme members.

Christine also has 20 years of involvement in the railways pension schemes, as SWR Pensions Manager and Pensions Committee member and most recently as a Trustee Employer Director.

 We know she will bring her invaluable insight, energy and experience to this very important new role.

Christine says: "It's an honour to be following in the footsteps of former Chair, Chris Hannon. I intend to continue his excellent work and focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for the Scheme, whilst ensuring your pensions are paid securely, affordably and sustainably.

"My years of experience in the railways and in the Railways Pension Scheme involve working as a financial services and pension leader, as an employee, a member and as an end-user. This gives me an invaluable insight into your working lives, priorities and pension needs. 

"I am looking forward to working with, and on behalf of, you all."