Understanding your retirement options

May 7, 2021
Whether you’re already approaching retirement, or looking ahead to the time that you do, it’s important to understand what choices you have.

That’s why we’ve made some big changes to the ‘Planning for Retirement’ section of this site.

Designed to help you feel more in control of your future, the new content covers a wide range of topics for both defined benefit (DB) and IWDC members. This includes:

  • How and when you can retire
  • How you can take your benefits or Personal Retirement Account (PRA)
  • How to apply for your pension
  • Ways to check your savings are on track
  • Tips for protecting yourself from scams, and
  • Where to go for help and advice

All you need to do is pick the section that’s right for you. 

  • For DB members it’s here
  • For IWDC members it’s here

For IWDC members we’ve also included an in-depth look at the three main ways you can take your Personal Retirement Account (PRA) including a new video here

We’re currently working on a similar video for DB members and hope to have that online soon.