LexisNexis Risk Solutions helps RPS members stay connected

The Railways Pension Scheme’s administrator, RPMI, has appointed a firm called LexisNexis Risk Solutions to help verify the data it holds for members. 

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a global organisation that works with many pension and life assurance companies to find and confirm the identity of individuals.

It’s important for members to be contacted from time to time with valuable information about their pension and benefits, so LexisNexis Risk Solutions will play a key role in keeping them connected.

If you receive a letter from LexisNexis, please follow the instructions in the letter and complete the Verification Form online or by returning the enclosed form.


Update your record

If you change your address or other contact information, please make sure you let RPMI know. You can update your record quickly and easily by logging into your myRPS account and looking under ‘MyDetails’ and ‘Contact details’.