Final salary member forms 

These forms will help you manage your pension. You might also find it quicker and more convenient to make changes to your account online by logging into your myRPS account (or register for a myRPS account if you don't already have one).

All members

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Active members only

Note: use the inter-transfer request form if you want to transfer your benefits from one Railways Pension Scheme section to another.
Note: only some sections allow transfers in. Please check with your employer or RPMI before you complete this form. 
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Note: if you have been auto-enrolled and want to opt out of your ​Scheme pension, please complete the auto-enrolment opt-out form above. Your employer will offer you the chance to auto-enrol again in three years' time.


Joining BRASS

If you are an active member and would like to join BRASS, please complete the 'BRASS payroll deduction form' below. Once you have completed the form, you should send it to your employer and they will keep a copy for their records. Please do not send the form to RPMI.



Network Rail members only

This form is for Protected members (Network Rail only) who would like to start contributing more than 15% to BRASS.

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Complete this form if you are transferring from NRDC or CARE.




Overseas bank details forms

If your pension is paid into a bank account outside of the United Kingdom, you scan set up, or change, your account details using the forms here.



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