Can I join the RPS?

The RPS is open to all eligible rail employees and those who have a legal right to join.

You can join an RPS section if:

  • it’s in your terms of employment – ask your employer if you’re not sure;
  • your employer has chosen the Section for auto-enrolment and you are eligible; or
  • you are offered membership by your employer. 

If you're not being auto-enrolled and want to join your section, speak to your employer about applying. 

If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of confirmation which includes your Pension Reference number. You need this number to register for an online myRPS account, and also when you contact Railpen with any queries.

Compulsory transfer of employment (TUPE) 

If your role is compulsorily transferred between two employers in the RPS, you can choose whether to transfer your benefits to your new employer’s section.

If accepted, you will be treated as though you have one continuous period of membership.