My options

There are several different options available for taking your benefits from the Scheme.

Normal retirement benefits

These can be taken at your Normal Retirement Age (NRA). Find out more in ​your member guide by logging into your myRPS account.

Early retirement benefits

You may qualify for early retirement from age 55 (or 50 if you have a Protected Pension Age), but your benefits will be lower than what you would get at your NRA.

Late retirement

If you’re near - or over - your ​Normal ​Retirement Age, you may be able to postpone taking your benefits up to a maximum age of 75.

This means your benefits will be paid at an enhanced rate when you eventually take them. Late retirement factors will be used to calculate how much extra you will get.

Preserved benefits

If you leave the Scheme before you qualify for your benefits, you become a ‘preserved’ member. This means you don’t pay any more contributions, and your benefits are based on membership up to your leaving date. You may want to learn more about preserved benefits.