My benefits


Membership of the RPS ​offers a ​variety of benefits:

  • You and your employer both pay into your pension pot
  • Your pension contributions are tax-efficient - they’re taken from your gross salary before you pay income tax
  • You can top up your retirement fund with Additional Voluntary Contributions
  • You’ll get a pension for life and ​possibly a lump sum, which is currently payable tax-free, when you retire​
  • Your beneficiaries could get a lump-sum payment if you die in service.  Log in to your myRPS account (or register) to nominate. It only takes five minutes!
  • Pensions could be paid to spouses, partners or children.


Every year, we’ll send you an estimate of your pension which tells you the essential things you’ll want to know – like how much you might expect to receive in your retirement.

You can also find a copy of your estimates when you log into (or register for) your myRPS account.

Online tools you can use

Whether you want to plan for your life after work, or would like to learn more about pensions and the Scheme, there are plenty of tools available on this website to help you. 

Take a look at the charts below to discover more. 

Tools to plan for life after work Find out more information via website tools