My benefits

Your IWDC benefits are preserved ('deferred') until you’re ready to start taking them. Your benefits could include some, or all, of the following:

  • a pension pot made up of your defined contribution benefits and investment returns. When you retire, you can take this pot as cash, an annuity, a series of lump sums (known as drawdown) or keep it invested
  • a lump sum which is currently tax-free when you retire
  • a lump-sum payment and/or a pension for your beneficiaries if you die before claiming your pension pot


The value of your pension pot will depend on the investment returns ​you have built up to the date that you take your benefits.

As a preserved member, you can still review and change your investment options.  Learn about ​the investment funds available to you.

Manage your account online

Check where your account is currently invested by logging into myRPSYou can also change your ​Target ​Retirement Age online when you log into your myRPS account.

Request an estimate

If you want an estimate of your benefits, you can request one online by logging into your myRPS account.