The Trustee

The Trustee looks after your interests as a member of the Railways Pension Scheme.

It is the trustee for four railway industry pension schemes. Two of these schemes - the Railways Pension Scheme (RPS) and the British Transport Police Force Superannuation Fund (BTPFSF) - are open to new members.

The Trustee has overall responsibility for:

  • Administration of scheme benefits, collection of contributions, and payment of pensions;
  • Investment and safe custody of assets;
  • Management of risk, including cyber security;
  • Member communications;
  • Scheme governance, including trustee training; and
  • Oversight of Railpen and management of professional advisers

​The Board of 16 Trustee Directors helps maintain high standards of governance for the schemes. Eight Trustee Directors are nominated by employers and eight by members. Roughly a third of the directors retire by rotation every two years, and their term of office is six years.

The experience and skills of Trustee Directors are the cornerstones of the Board. For example, directors attend Board and Committee meetings, in addition to various workshops, strategy events, and training seminars. Find out more about the Trustee Directors’ work in the latest Report & Accounts.

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The current employer directors are:

​Chris Hannon (Chair)
Nominated by: ​Freight train operating companies and support services
Term of office: ​2022

Mark Engelbretson 
Nominated by: Network Rail
Term of office: ​2024

Adam Golton
Nominated by: Passenger train operating companies
Term of office: 2026

Fatima Hassan
Nominated by: Network Rail
Term of office: 2026

Richard Jones 
Nominated by: All employers
Term of office: 2022

Christine Kernoghan
Nominated by: ​Passenger train operating companies
Term of office: 20​22

Richard Murray
Nominated by: Passenger train operating companies
Term of office: 2024

John Wilson
Nominated by: Freight train operating companies and support services 
Term of office: 2026

The current employee directors are:

Mick ​Cash
Nominated by: National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT)
Term of office: 2028

Gerry Doherty
Nominated by: Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA)
Term of office: ​2024

Richard Goldson
Nominated by: Retired Railway Officers' Society 
Term of office: 2026

Dave Gott
Nominated by: National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and British Railways Superannuation Fund (BRSF) Management Committee 
Term of office: 2​024

Charles Harding
Nominated by: Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions (CSEU)
Term of office: 2026

Peter Holden
Nominated by: British Transport Pensioners' Federation 
Term of office: 2026

Howard Kaye
Nominated by: Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers & Firemen (ASLEF)
Term of office: 20​28

Gary Towse
Nominated by: British Railways Superannuation Fund (BRSF) Management Committee and British Transport Police Federation
Term of office: 20​22